Making Youth Employment Work for You

February 27, 2015

Gone are the days where a “youth employment strategy” means hiring interns to file papers and fetch coffee. Today, with more than 5 million open jobs to fill and many employers citing a lack of appropriate skills in potential candidates, hiring young talent may be the key for companies big and small to meet the demands of today’s market. In many cases, hiring young people means hiring digital natives – people who don’t know life when the presence of computers and internet access was not ubiquitous.

Particularly for those companies currently or about to experience high growth, especially in areas related to new technologies, tapping into a pool of employable and innovative young people can represent a cost-effective way to hire for the skills needed in a new environment. But young talent isn’t just about the latest computer skills – it’s also about building a pipeline of talent to ensure business continuity over the long term.

For the full story, including examples of companies that are acing this strategy, here is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s whitepaper, Making Youth Employment Work: Essential Elements for a Successful Strategy. The paper was released at yesterday's National Opportunity Summit, hosted by Opportunity Nation and co-convened by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation, Business Roundtable, United Way Worldwide, and Jobs for America’s Graduates.