Nation’s Schools Receive ‘C’ on Latest Education Report

January 4, 2017


Nation’s Schools Receive ‘C’ on Latest Education Report

Every year, Education Week issues a state-by-state education report card to assess the quality of our nation’s schools. This year’s report titled, Quality Counts 2017: Under Construction—Building on ESSA’s K–12 Foundation, gives the nation a 74.2% overall—a  C. Thirty four states received grades in the C range, while no state received an A or an F.

The 5 top performing states are:

1.   Massachusetts
2.  New Jersey
3.  Vermont
4.  New Hampshire
5.  Maryland

The 5 bottom performing states are:

46.  Oklahoma
47.   Idaho
48.  New Mexico
49.  Mississippi
50.  Nevada

This year’s report graded states on three indices:

1.  The Chance-for-Success Index - combines information from 13 indicators that span from cradle to career in order to better understand the role of education across an individual’s lifetime.

2.  The School Finance Analysis - examines both school spending and measures of financial equity, which capture the distribution of funding across districts within a state.

3.  The K-12 Achievement Index - scores states based on 18 distinct achievement measures related to reading and math performance, high school graduation rates, and the results of Advanced Placement exams.

As the title of the report indicates, Education Week analyzes the progress states have made in turning the federal Every Student Succeeds Act’s blueprint into what they call “a finished structure.” This includes how states are developing their accountability systems, how to fix low-performing schools, and how to evaluate teachers.

Recently, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation developed state accountability primers as a resource for the business community and those interested in learning more about how to develop effective accountability systems in their state before the 2017–18 school year begins.

You can find your state here.