Business Leaders Speak!

"What is the biggest challenge in education, and what can the business community do to help?”



“Employers and educators must collaborate to connect training to jobs. No single sector can tackle this challenge alone, and IBM is rising to the academic and CTE challenge with our P-TECH grades 9–14 schools. Business must help map courses to workplace data and clearly define workforce readiness.”

- Maura Banta Director, Global Citizenship Initiatives in Education, Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs IBM





“Engaging students and teaching the most important life skill: learning to learn. Businesses should support school leaders in implementing world-class standards, ensuring accesstotechnology and tools that are used in the workplace, and partnering to offer career experiences and opportunities

- Sari G. Factor,  Chief Executive Officer, Edgenuity






“Not enough students are graduating from high school ready for college work, especially in science, technology, engineering, and math. Alongside educators and parents, we are advocating for high student expectations and are providing support to innovative programs that help students complete advanced courses and prepare effective STEM teachers.”

- Suzanne McCarron, President, ExxonMobil Foundation






“Students, counselors, and teachers have no insight into manufacturing careers, skills needed, and the opportunities that exist. Businesses must go beyond mere outreach to active engagement with schools, students, teachers, counselors, and the community to facilitate career competence—and success—in grads.”

-Darlene M. Miller, President/CEO Permac Industries





“As employers, the business community is a leading customer for higher education. Business should engage more actively by specifying the skills and knowledge that companies are looking for from employees. Communicate these needs to every sector of higher education: public, non-profit, and proprietary.”

-Vickie L. Schray, Senior Vice President Regulatory Affairs & Public Policy, Bridgepoint Education






“The biggest challenge for educators is to deliver career-relevant education. Employer-educator partnerships are critical to addressing talent shortages, and industry can help by requiring that such partnerships be results-based and keyed to strategic requirements for talent development.”

- Tim Welsh, Senior Vice President – Industry Strategy, Apollo Education Group