Center for Education and Workforce

  • U.S. Chamber Foundation Receives STEM Education Leadership Award

    Nasdaq and EverFi recognize the Chamber Foundation for its efforts to expand access to STEM in schools.
  • The Path Forward: Forging Partnerships to Improve Education

  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Announces Launch of Talent Pipeline Management Academy

    USA Funds Awards $2.5 Million Grant to Address Skills Gap
  • Op-ed: The Conversation About America's Skills Gap Is Changing

    By Thomas J. Donohue and William D. Hansen
  • Changing the Debate on Quality Assurance in Higher Education

    The case for an employer-driven accreditation system in higher education.
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The Center for Education and Workforce, through its research, programs, and policy on education and skills training, mobilizes the business community to be more engaged partners, challenge the status quo, and connect education and workforce reforms to economic development.