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March 07, 2019


The strength of any business, but particularly small businesses, relies on their surrounding communities. The converse of that statement is also true, the strength of any community relies on the vibrancy of its business community. And while 85% of business owners are reliant on word of mouth referrals from local customers, it’s vital to connect small businesses with potential customers in their area.

Beyond the act of helping businesses in your community thrive, there are numerous benefits to shopping local. It helps improve our local economies, reduces environmental impact, creates more job opportunities, and helps us feel connected to our greater community.

Technology is playing a significant role in the way businesses reach people in their neighborhoods. For example, local businesses have been turning to mobile apps such as Nextdoor to get connected to residents in their local communities. Nextdoor is a neighborhood social network built to help neighbors discover great local businesses and service providers in and around their neighborhood.

One additional way Nextdoor is leveraging its app to help businesses is through Offers, which enables businesses and service providers to reach customers closest to them via special deals and promotions. This has been particularly helpful for both businesses just opening their doors as well as those who have been around for years. With Offers, businesses can post custom deals to verified neighbors in the area to increase online and in-store traffic, and drive new customers and repeat customers.

As a hyperlocal platform, Nextdoor not only aims to help small businesses thrive but also helps build overall happier, healthier, and safer communities. Millions of businesses have been recommended by neighbors, and businesses across the country are using their free business page to engage with their local community.

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