November 02, 2023


WASHINGTON, D.C. — The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation today announced the winners of the 2023 Citizens Awards – eight companies and one chamber of commerce that have shown outstanding leadership in tackling society’s most pressing issues. The recipients exemplify the remarkable power of business doing well and doing good, by preparing high school students for college and careers, addressing food insecurity in communities, and advancing civic education, among others. 

“The 2023 Citizens Awards serve as a powerful reminder that when businesses thrive, communities thrive,” said Carolyn Cawley, president of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation. “These winners represent the best of the industry: they are pushing boundaries and applying innovative, forward-thinking solutions to the world’s toughest problems. We applaud their incredible work to strengthen communities in America and around the world.” 

The U.S. Chamber Foundation presents the awards in nine categories, each underscoring the outstanding impact of business, from advancing health and wellness to building disaster resilience. For the first time, a new civic engagement category recognizes businesses and chambers of commerce for elevating civics as a societal priority. 

The winners of the 2023 Citizens Awards are: 

  • Best Corporate Steward – Large Business: Medtronic 
    Medtronic is committed to creating life-transforming technology and supporting patient-centric, insight-driven, personalized care. Last year, Medtronic helped improve health outcomes of more than 76 million patients. As a global healthcare technology leader, Medtronic recognizes an opportunity—and a responsibility—to do what it can to ensure future generations live better, healthier lives.  
  • Best Corporate Steward – Small and Middle-Market Business: Veris Residential 
    Veris Residential outlines its commitment to being a responsible global citizen in its Embrace by Veris Residential program. The company partners with national and local nonprofits to respond to the needs of the communities it serves and address persistent problems. These meaningful actions not only benefit residents but contribute to workforce retention as well.   
  • Best Commitment to Education Program: RTX 
    RTX partners with career-preparedness and skilling non-profit, NAF, to provide high school students with work-based learning experiences in engineering and technology to ensure they are college and career-ready. RTX has invested $9 million into its partnership with NAF, enabling the expansion of 30 NAF Academies of Engineering and IT, and providing hundreds of students with work prep program opportunities and paid internships.    
  • Best Community Improvement Program: Tru Earth Environmental Products Inc 
    Tru Earth makes earth-friendly practices more accessible through its giving program. For every $25 purchase, the company donates one month’s worth of its laundry eco-strips to food banks, shelters, and other organizations fighting poverty worldwide.  
  • Best Community Resilience and Disaster Response Program: United Parcel Service, Inc. 
    The UPS Foundation’s Vaccine Equity Initiative provided immediate relief and resources needed to build long-term resilience around the world. Harnessing the company’s technology, expertise, and partnership with Swoop Aero, VillageReach, UNICEF, and Gavi, the world’s largest vaccine provider, the initiative bridges the gaps in vaccine equity and optimizes end-to-end transportation.  
  • Best Economic Opportunity and Empowerment Program: Cargill, Incorporated 
    Despite challenges like the pandemic, natural disasters, and economic recession, Promoting a Sustainable and Food Secure World (or PROSPER) Phase II communities decreased food insecurity by 16% and poverty rates fell by 19%. The partnership program between Cargill and CARE achieved its goal of improving food security and reducing poverty for more than 2 million people in 11 countries.   
  • Best Health and Wellness Program: PepsiCo 
    Leading up to Super Bowl 57, Frito-Lay, Quaker, PepsiCo Foundation, and other stakeholders collaborated with GENYOUth to create Mission 57: End Student Hunger. This NFL-sanctioned community initiative tackled student food insecurity in Arizona by funding and delivering meals to 57 high-need schools. Over 8.5 million meals were delivered to over 31,000 Arizona students through this effort.   
  • Best Sustainability Program: IBM 
    The IBM Sustainability Accelerator is a pro bono social impact program applying IBM technologies, such as hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence, and an ecosystem of experts to scale non-profit and government initiatives for vulnerable communities facing environmental challenges.  
  • Best Civic Engagement Program: Greater Vancouver Chamber   
    The Greater Vancouver Chamber works with commissions, agencies, and city councils to empower youth across the region through civic education and advocacy. The chamber’s partnerships with influential business organizations allow students to deepen their understanding of politics and inspire them to get involved in their community.  

“Each year businesses are finding more innovative ways to serve their communities,” said Marc DeCourcey, senior vice president of the U.S. Chamber Foundation. “This year’s Citizens Awards winners are not only bolstering economies and opening new doors for opportunity, they also demonstrate how strong businesses are the foundation of strong communities.” 

The 2023 Annual Citizens Awards are announced at the U.S. Chamber Foundation’s Business Solves Conference. More information on this year’s winners is available on the U.S. Chamber Foundation’s website. You can watch the award program and the acceptance speeches in the coming days at this link.