April 19, 2024


As one of the longest-running corporate citizenship awards programs, the Citizens Awards recognize businesses for their leadership in solving the world’s biggest problems. With an international scope and an impressive assembly of expert judges, this program is one of the most prestigious CSR awards, according to past finalists.  

Each year we’re inspired by the nominations submitted as they demonstrate the remarkable power of business to create solutions for the good of America and the world.   

As you begin this year’s application process, here are a few tips in submitting an award-winning nomination, shared by past judges and finalists.  

Understand What’s Being Asked

There are nine categories, reflecting the countless ways the business community makes a positive difference in society. The focus of each category is reinforced through the submission process. Remain mindful of the category you’re applying for and the type of information aligned with that category. If your program fits into more than one category, we encourage you to submit a nomination for all that apply, but your submission should be tailored for each category’s focus.  

Craft a Cohesive Story

Provide a clear narrative with a distinct point of view on the work you’re doing. Be direct and succinct with the challenge(s) you seek to address and why, and your methods for helping solve the challenge.Telling a well-prepared story will enhance the judges’ understanding of your nomination. Be mindful of word limits. Judges are responsible for scoring multiple entries and benefit from conciseness and clarity throughout submissions.  

Show Us Your Stakeholders

If external stakeholders helped shape or validate your work, share that — stakeholder engagement is a way to illustrate the thought and strategy behind the work. 

Demonstrate Impact

Spotlight your impact through the reporting of goals, metrics, and results. Both quantitative and qualitative results with attributable sources are appropriate. Similarly, lessons learned can help judges understand the depth of your commitment to making a real difference. 

Plan Ahead

We encourage you to plan ahead in two ways. 

  1. Application phase: The submissions usually require gathering and organizing of information that may be managed by more than one person, or even externally through a partner organization. Don’t wait to start your stakeholder discussions about the submission stories. Additionally, take time for quality control and be sure that your full stakeholder review process is accounted for in the amount of time you dedicate to the submission. The submission deadline is Friday, June 14, 2024.  
  1. Though not a requirement for the application stage, we encourage you to inventory the high-res photography and video footage that exists for your program. Once finalists are announced in the fall, the U.S. Chamber Foundation will begin producing promotion materials for a public campaign across the Foundation and partner platforms. Specific details will be provided to finalists, but please know we work diligently and quickly to share these well-deserving stories!  

Best of luck in the 2024 Citizens Awards nomination season. We’re thrilled you’re choosing to be part of this 25th year of honoring the most innovative and impactful corporate citizenship initiatives.  

Apply Now

Awards are given in nine categories, from civic engagement and economic opportunity to education and disaster response. There's no fee to submit a nomination. The deadline to apply is June 14, 2024. Get started today!