June 08, 2020


With shutdowns beginning to ease, many Americans are thinking about what dining out, socializing, and being entertained might look like.

On May 14, Path Forward viewers got a preview of some of the changes high-density industries are making to protect customers, including what a night out at the movies might look like in a post-pandemic world.

Theater owner Rick Roman told us that moviegoers’ experience will be different, but that customer service and satisfaction will remain at the core of his industry.

“It’s very critical to give the moviegoers a great experience,” Roman said. “Having a great time going out to see a movie is what keeps them choosing theaters instead of watching movies at home.”

In the weeks since he joined us live, Roman has been preparing to welcome customers back to his business. To get them comfortable with this “new normal,” his team put together a short video walking viewers through every step of the experience.

Check it out: