Incorporating Inclusion

Small businesses can be a catalyst for inclusion – at work, at home, and in communities. 

Most LGBTQ employees do not feel truly included in the workplace, according to a survey by Boston Consulting Group.

Achieving LGBTQ inclusion in the workplace requires a planned, concerted and sustained effort. Employing nearly half of the nation’s workforce, small businesses are essential to fostering inclusive workplaces, but often lack the bandwidth or expertise to address this issue alone. 

When it comes to LGBTQ inclusion, one of the biggest challenges faced by small employers is to find the information they need. While resources on LGBT inclusion exist, they are scattered and hard to reach – making it difficult for small business owners to put the pieces together.

That is why the U.S. Chamber Foundation, through its Incorporating Inclusion initiative, has built the LGBTQ Inclusion Hub for Small Businesses – an online platform that makes it easier for small business owners to access the information they need to build LGBTQ-inclusive workplaces. 

By centralizing the best guidance and solutions in a single place and offering one-on-one expert assistance, the platform empowers small employers that may not have the time or resources to build their own programs.

Our research shows that LGBTQ inclusion in the workplace is not only the right thing to do, but also the smart thing to do. By adopting LGBTQ-inclusive policies internally and externally, businesses have the opportunity to perform better, attract stronger talent, and help create a culture of inclusion among their employees and communities.


The LGBTQ Inclusion Hub for Small Businesses provides tools, resources, and best practices on LGBTQ inclusion in the workplace, as well as one-on-one expert assistance on how to foster LGBTQ-inclusive programs and policies.
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