Best Practices
November 17, 2008

ARUP Laboratories Excels at Workplace Flexibility

ARUP Laboratories, a nationally acclaimed medical and testing reference laboratory owned and operated by the University of Utah, offers its staff the option of a schedule that requires a week of work (seven days on) with an alternating seven days off. Employees work 10-hour days and log 70 hours in all during any given two-week period. They are paid, however, for two full 40-hour weeks.

The medical facility further ensures smooth operations and excellent patient care by pairing each worker with a counterpart who works the opposite schedule. The two workers cover for each other if there are scheduling conflicts. ARUP also offers staff 10-hour schedules to be worked over four days, as well as the conventional five-day-a-week option. ARUP is trying to recruit college students by offering flexible scheduling options and tuition reimbursement.

As a result, ARUP has more than doubled its number of employees. In 1992 the company had 700 employees. Twelve years later, it had 1,700. In that time ARUP has also cut its turnover rate from 22% to 11%.