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October 20, 2008

Fort Worth Chamber Helps Students “Stay-In-School"

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Leaving school before graduation limits opportunities for those who drop out and places a burden on the community with significant social and economic costs. In Fort Worth, Texas, business leaders and educators recognize that dropping out of school has many contributing causes and that a coordinated, comprehensive strategy involving a variety of proven approaches will motivate students to stay in school.

Therefore, the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce along with the Fort Worth Independent School District, the Fort Worth Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, and the Fort Worth Metropolitan Black Chamber, collaborated in 2002 to develop the Stay-in-School Initiative. The goal of the Stay-In-School Initiative is to encourage all students to successfully complete the requirements for graduation from high school. It is a program designed to encourage all students to graduate from high school as well as bring together educators, parents, academicians, businesses, community leaders and volunteers in support of at risk students.

“A qualified workforce is at the root of successful business recruitment and retention,” says Cynthia Fisher Miller, director, Workforce, Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce.  “This supply and demand equation requires thoughtful planning and deep collaboration to connect the Pre-K through 12, higher education, and workforce systems, all of which play a role in building a strong workforce pipeline to fuel the high-growth, high-wage jobs that drive economic vitality.  At the root of it all is keeping students in school, ensuring they finish high school, and providing them with multiple pathways to pursue college and careers."