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September 27, 2012

Prepworks Virtual Learning Helps Students Succeed in Multi-Skill Level Classrooms

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In public school classrooms of 30 plus children, it can be a challenge for teachers to give each student the individual time he or she needs to understand and tackle basic subject matter. Classrooms often consist of students at different skill levels, making it even more challenging for educators to garner success. This puts students’ futures at great risk since many will fail to learn the basic skills needed to do well in school, on the SATs and ACTs, in college, and ultimately, in the workforce. As a result, numerous states have turned towards technology and online education systems to address the errors in traditional classrooms.

Yet another problem arises even with the introduction of online learning environments. A large amount of students are not aptly prepared to do well in online classes since it is vastly different from the traditional classroom. PREPWORKS, an interactive test training and tutoring service based in South Florida, is working to combat these issues. Through curricula individualization, PREPWORKS has achieved massive success with its students. Originally started in 2005 as a standardized test prep service, the organization has expanded to include building curriculums for online learning.

PREPWORKS has adapted a virtual learning program to supplement in-person classrooms and it’s proving to have excellent results. The online module offers students instructive videos, interactive sketchpads, thousands of sample test questions, and live virtual tutors to help them learn and master numerous subjects. Its programs are solely based on the belief that the key to success is to have students first master core skills and knowledge in mathematics, logic-based content, and verbal content.

PREPWORKS has been revolutionary in its effective teaching techniques, and the secret to its success is in its methodology. At the start of the program, each student is required to take a diagnostic test to assess their learning level. From there, an individualized curriculum is set up and continues to adapt as the student excels within the program. PREPWORKS gathers information about the student’s strengths and weaknesses through the homework they complete, allowing for the curriculum to focus on the most challenging areas for each student. While it originally began as private tutoring offering small classroom programs, PREPWORKS has expanded into working with not only individual schools, but also entire districts. By partnering with PREPWORKS, students in participating schools are able to use the interactive systems both in the classroom and at home. This partnership is extremely important because it works to solve the issue of multi- skill level classrooms and ensure each student receives the individualized attention they need.

Founder and chief executive officer of PREPWORKS, Tracy LaFlamme Ortega states, “We have worked tirelessly to translate our successful test prep methodology into a cutting edge online platform that can be widely accessed regardless of geography, education level, or economic situation. We are striving to remove the barriers to educational opportunity and excellence in America.”

For more information about PREPWORKS’ individualized learning program, visit the organization’s website