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December 15, 2010

Texas Tax Firm Improving Work Ethic & Bottom Line with Flexible Workplace Options

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Ryan, LLC is the leading tax services firm in North America, with the largest transaction tax practice in the United States and Canada. Headquartered in Dallas, Texas, the firm provides a comprehensive range of state, local, federal, and international tax advisory and consulting services on a multi-jurisdictional basis, including audit defense, tax recovery, credits and incentives, and strategic planning. With a multi-disciplinary team of more than 900 professionals and associates, Ryan serves many of the world’s most prominent Fortune 1000 companies.

The firm’s success is partially due to its flexible workplace and adjustable, accommodating work environment. Because Ryan measures performance on results achieved, not hours worked, its employees may choose to work where and when they are most efficient and effective. With a clear understanding of expectations and accountabilities, Ryan employees are given the ownership of their time and flexibility to meet demands in both their professional and personal lives. All Ryan employees work collaboratively and support one another so that all may achieve work-life success while accomplishing the goals of the firm and delivering outstanding client service. Employees are solely held accountable for delivering superior results, not “face time” in the office. Team members respect the work styles of others and plan effectively to ensure excellent client service. Brint Ryan, CEO and managing principal, describes the tradeoff: “In exchange for incredible flexibility and freedom comes the responsibility and accountability for producing results.”

Ryan’s program is branded as “myRyan,” and is founded on the following principles:

  • Everyone focuses on results, not hours.
  • People have flexible work schedules and locations.
  • Employees eliminate activities that waste time and money.
  • Everyone collaborates and supports each other.
  • Employees thrive in a guilt-free work environment.
  • Everyone has the freedom to achieve work-life success.

In October 2010, Mr. Ryan spoke at Houston’s “The Future of Workplace Flexibility 2010” luncheon where local businesses were awarded for their commitment to workplace flexibility. He noted that with the firm’s significantly more flexible work environment, the company has dramatically reduced turnover by over 60% and has received numerous awards such as Houston’s “Flexible Workplace Employer,” The Dallas Morning News’ “Top 100 Places to Work,” the Houston Chronicle’s “Top Workplaces,” the Austin-American Statesman “Top Workplaces”,  the Los Angeles Business Journal’s and Austin Business Journal’s “Best Places to Work” awards, and the Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility in 15 of its offices. Ryan asserted that “Flexibility is the single most important policy you can implement to improve productivity and reduce turnover for your company. It doesn’t really matter where or how you do your work, as long as you meet your objectives.”

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