What is Talent Pipeline Management?

TPM is a movement. It's a way of thinking about talent sourcing and talent providing. It's an in-person training for employers and state leaders looking to drive change. At it's most basic, it's a six-strategy approach to narrowing the national skills gap.

An Overview of the National Challenge

The U.S. Chamber Foundation, TPM Pilot Project participants, and our partners outline the workforce challenges that business of all industries and sizes face today, as well as how TPM can serve as a solution and key strategy for narrowing the skills gap using public-private partnerships to develop strategic talent pipelines from classroom to career. 
















TPM Strategy #1


TPM Strategy #3


TPM Strategy #5

TPM Strategy #2


TPM Strategy #4


TPM Strategy #6

The TPM Web Tools

An overview of the tools and resources available to those currently participating in the TPM process.