Best Business Neighbor Finalists

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The Citizens Award for this category is dedicated to specific U.S.-focused social, community and/or environmental initiatives. Finalists exemplify leadership and positive impact through their focus on a single strategic initiative.

2012 Finalists


The Dow Chemical Company

The Dow Chemical DowGIVES program is the embodiment of a “good neighbor.” The local community will reap the benefits of Dow’s volunteerism, philanthropy and donated expertise efforts for years to come. Learn more


General Motors

General Motors’s recycling program took sustainability into overdrive.  In just five years, GM has generated $2.5 billion in revenue from recycling and recycle more than 90% of the waste they generate. True innovation creates results and these results speak for themselves. Learn more



Small businesses are the backbone of the U.S. economy, yet many of these businesses feel like they are being left behind by the information age. Google’s work helps bring these local businesses, your favorite corner store or coffee shop, into the 21st century, increasing their opportunity to grow. Learn more


The National Football League

The NFL PLAY 60 campaign is an example of an organization harnessing its core expertise (sports), talent (NFL players) and resources (NFL games) to inspire and impact the health of an entire generation. Learn More


UPS Foundation

Natural disasters affect everyone. Through the Logistics Action Teams, the UPS Foundation has established a long-term initiative that will support and aid communities in times of need. Learn more