The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the T3 Innovation Network launched the JEDx initiative to develop a public-private approach for collecting and using standards-based jobs and employment data. This initiative builds on the Chamber Foundation’s Job Data Exchange (JDX) initiative, to promote public-private standards for job descriptions and postings, and the T3 Innovation Network’s Employment and Earnings Records Standards Project, to develop and use public-private standards for comprehensive employment and earnings records. 

This initiative is developing a vision and roadmap for a public-private data collaborative that can improve the collection and use of standards-based jobs and employment data for public and private applications including:

  • Employer Reporting to Federal and State Governments. Reducing costs and improving data quality in employer reporting to federal and state governments for program administration and economic statistics.
  • Public and Private Workforce Analytics. Improving access and use of more comprehensive workforce analytics services for employers, learners/workers, and government agencies, including government labor market information and evidence-based policy and research.
  • Learner/Worker Empowerment and Trusted Records. Empowering people to use their own verifiable employment and earnings records to apply for career and educational opportunities and government programs and benefits—building on the T3 Network’s Learning and Employment Record (LER) initiative.

JEDx Phases:

  • Planning Phase: April 2021 to June 2021 – The Chamber Foundation combined the work of JDX with emerging work on data standards for employment records led by the T3 Innovation Network to launch what is now called the Jobs and Employment Data Exchange or JEDx. This phase explored the need for a more public-private approach to data standardization and sharing, and a set of principles to guide the effort. It also included a roadmap for how to design and test JEDx, including four demonstration projects.
  • Design Phase: November 2021 to October 2022 – The JEDx Partnership was launched with national and state partners, including public and private organizations from Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Kentucky, New Jersey, and Texas. This phase included two technical workgroups focused on (1) data prioritization based on leading use cases, and (2) the system architecture needed to organize, collect, and share data on jobs and employment.
  • Bridge Phase: November 2022 to March 2023 – The Chamber Foundation will work with public and private partners to prepare to demonstrate the JEDx value proposition, including the collection of data and their use by prototype applications. 
  • Pilot Phase: Starting 2023 – Coming soon.

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Supporting Economics Research and Evidence-Based Policy

JEDx is engaging statistical and economic researchers to identify priority use cases, data elements, and data collection needs to address gaps in current labor market information and to catalyze potential new research through data made possible through JEDx. The JEDx-REP report is available here. To learn more, contact the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation.