BCLC Summer Weight Loss Challenge – The Results

I can’t believe how fast 2 months have gone by! It’s official, the BCLC summer weight loss challenge is over and the results are in…drum roll….

1stplace: Brooks Nelson
2ndplace: Me

(Both pictured to the right.)

Brooks and I were the only ones who managed to reach or surpass our target % weight loss. We were both awarded with a nice cash prize :)

So I thought I would use this blog to recap lessons learned from these past 2 months:

  • It is possible to lose weight by maintaining a healthy eating and workout regimen
  • 70% of healthy weight loss is what you eat
  • Crash diets work (not mentioning any names)
  • You will never accomplish your goal unless you put your mind to it (I guess that could reflect anything you do in life)

Throughout my staff Weight Loss Challenge blog series I shared with you a lot about my personal story when it came to weight loss, which included my hesitation to get on a scale in front of my coworkers, importance of sports growing up, trying to eat healthy during the holidays, and balancing the stress of life with healthy habits. Now that I have gone through this challenge I am glad I suppressed that little voice in my telling me not to participate. I have enjoyed taking part in this challenge with the BCLC team and learning more about health and wellness.

Now, from a professional standpoint I am happy to say that health and wellness is one of the issue areas that I will be focusing on at BCLC. I have already built a network of companies that employ workplace wellness and community wellness initiatives around the country and I am looking to grow that network over the next quarter. We have regular conference calls and in-person meetings that serve as an opportunity for companies to connect, share best practices, and lessons learned in this space.

I am looking to build awareness around the great health and wellness initiatives that companies are spearheading around the country. Currently I am working on a report, The Role of Business in Health and Wellness Innovation, which will showcase business advances in this area – from medical equipment advancements to imaging innovations providing earlier detection and revolutionizing workplace wellness.

If you are interested in learning more about the network feel free to contact me directly. You can also follow me on Twitter @hfelleke and read more of my posts on BCLCblog.