The Business View of Rio+20

I've been enjoying GreenBiz's coverage of Rio+20 this week. In their piece about environmental public-private partnerships, writers Tensie Wheland (Rainforest Alliance) and John Williams (Domtar Corporation) write:

"There's no lack of skepticism about the UN Rio +20 Earth Summit, and when it comes to political leadership, no real progress has been made. But that's not the whole story. ... Rio+20 has been a showcase for the role of the private sector and the importance that building the global green economy has for taking sustainability to global scale. ... collaborations have evolved to the point where businesses and NGOs working together have become the biggest, most important factor in spreading sustainable production and sourcing practices across the world.

More on business-NGO environmental collaborations here, in "Some Good News, and Next Steps to Take, from Rio." 

GreenBiz executive editor Joel Makower has also put together this great short video about the Business View from Rio+20. Interviewees from companies including Dow Chemical Company, DuPont, Johnson Controls, and Microsoft noted their reasons for being in Rio, such as being part of a gathering of top businesses and the most creative people in the world, working to find and create new collaborations, and experiencing the acceleration of leading countries and leading companies "getting serious." 

Rio+20 attracted the largest number of businesses in the UN's history of convenings. Watch more of the business perspective below. 


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