Circular Economy Success is All About That "Missing Link"

bill dicroce.jpg

Bill DiCroce, CEO, Veolia North America, giving remarks during the keynote at the 2016 Sustainability Forum.


Companies that find the “missing link” will accelerate the circular economy.

On May 16 I shared examples of Veolia customers that are already mainstreaming the circular economy.  All of these successful companies share something in common: They’ve discovered ways to close supply chain gaps by finding the “missing link”.   

The circular economy challenges today’s companies to keep products, components and materials at their highest utility and value throughout their life cycle.  Creating value out of once linear processes helps close these supply chain gaps.  The circular economy requires fresh approaches to resource utilization, where waste streams from one process are feedstock for another.  Above all, it requires solving an economic problem first.  Our customers care about both greens.        

A great example of a company that’s identified a missing link is Antero, an exploration and production company in the Marcellus region.  Antero’s business requires them to dispose of a surplus of salty brine or produced water, representing a significant treatment and management challenge.  The old linear process was to truck the water offsite to deep well injection.   

In response to this challenge, Veolia is currently at 90% design for a $275 million, 60,000 barrels/day treatment plant that we will design, build and operate. This new plant will treat the produced water to surface water discharge specifications, while recovering the salt as a commodity for reuse in other applications and markets.

Veolia’s solution satisfies both greens.  The Antero plant reduces costs, produces fresh water and recovered salt from a former waste stream, and reduces GHGs and environmental risk.

By creating and redistributing supply chain value, Veolia helps a range of industries find their missing link. If Veolia can help you find the missing link in your supply chain, we’re happy to help. You can reach us here