Corporate Responsibility Reshapes Our World, Inside and Out

December 29, 2016

With a strong corporate responsibility strategy, companies can strengthen not only their communities but also their businesses. Those may seem like lofty words, but when they’re backed up by actions, the results are greater societal impact coupled with exceptional employee learning and development experiences, increased engagement and improved recruiting.

EY’s purpose, building a better working world, unites our people across the globe and underlies our actions. Like many organizations, we conduct fundraising campaigns ($70 million in 2015 alone) for organizations and programs that support our purpose, such as United Way and College MAP. But with tens of thousands of skilled professionals across a broad spectrum of disciplines, we have a vast army that knows how to do a lot more than write checks!

That’s why we are so committed to skills-based volunteering. As the center of our CR strategy, EY identified three focus areas of volunteerism that best support our building a better working world purpose: supporting Entrepreneurs, Education, and Equity in the workforce.

We call them our “3Es,” and they are how our volunteers create shared value and greater societal impact. Increased access to education helps to address the issue of youth employment and creates a larger pool of skilled employees so that businesses can thrive, entrepreneurship acts as the engine of our economy and creates job growth, and equity in the workplace casts aside barriers so that everyone can thrive professionally.

In short, that is what a better working world looks like, brought to life through the inspiring work of our EY volunteers. In addition to working with outside organizations, we’ve also developed our own volunteer programs, such as EY Vantage, one of our new EY Corporate Responsibility Sabbaticals that supports entrepreneurs in emerging markets; College MAP (Mentoring for Access and Persistence), where groups of EY professionals mentor groups of underserved students; and Entrepreneurial Winning Women, which identifies high-potential women entrepreneurs whose businesses show real potential to scale — and then helps them do it.

Through such outlets, we drive positive change in the working world based on our skills and values. But the impact is equally great within our own working world:

  • Internal surveys consistently show that employees who participate in our community engagement efforts are more likely than their peers to say that they would recommend EY as a great place to work and would prefer to remain with EY even if a comparable job were available elsewhere.
  • EY professionals who participate in initiatives such as EY Vantage have best-in-class employee engagement, including better interactions with their managers, longer tenures and higher performance ratings.
  • This year’s Universum US Talent Survey ranked EY #1 in accounting and among the top 5 with business majors, with campus candidates reporting that being a “purpose-driven organization” is a major factor when choosing an employer.

In the war for talent, finding people is one thing. But keeping them – by equipping them with the purpose to make an impact on the world, together – is another. And it’s what drives EY every day. To learn more about our corporate responsibility efforts, click here for our most recent US Sustainability Report.