Cradle-to-Cradle Flooring is the Next Big Thing in Sustainability

June 30, 2016


The flooring company employs a variety of methods to ensure that its products are as sustainable as possible.

Recently Tarkett, a global leader in creating sustainable flooring solutions, attended the World Economic Forum’s ASEAN (Association of South-East Asian Nations) Summit in Kuala Lumpur. Their focus was the challenges of emphasizing environmentally-beneficial practices within the scope of regional development. Tarkett was also a key contributor on the World Economic Forum’s "Shaping the Future of Construction" report, discussing how the company implements sustainable development within the engineering and construction sectors.

Tarkett’s commitment to utilizing sustainable measures is evident across all areas of its product development. The company has implemented a cradle-to-cradle approach in creating its flooring services, using eco-friendly and recycled materials to have a positive impact on the environment. In addition, Tarkett doesn’t use products involving the chemical phthalate, improving overall indoor environment and air quality for its customers. Tarkett has also reduced its TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) emissions, which can have short and long-term adverse health effects, to a point significantly lower than the strictest air quality standards.  This degree of health consciousness further showcases the company’s pledge to provide safe and sustainable flooring solutions for a variety of needs.

Tarkett CEO Michel Giannuzzi explains the company’s dedication to promoting sustainable production, remarking that because Tarkett is “committed to better living, we put sustainability at the heart of our vision, our business strategy and our operations.” Anne-Christine Ayed, Executive VP of Research, Innovation and Environment, highlights the importance of the circular economy within business practices as she notes that “we take advantage of all opportunities to select materials that are good for people’s health and the environment, and recycle and reuse our products or materials from other industries.” It’s clear that the concepts of customer wellness and sustainable production are an integral component of Tarkett’s business practice, as it continues to set the standard for environmentally-friendly companies.