Define success

October 20, 2015
Here's what's making headlines this week:
  • Deloitte CEO Cathy Engelbert suggests that failure – or more specifically, learning from failure – is the best way for 20-somethings to set themselves up to succeed early in their career.  According to Engelbert, companies that establish a safe environment to fail also create opportunities for innovation.
  • Hearsay Social founder and CEO Clara Shih reflects on her early years in the tech industry and offers 5 tips for females in the tech industry to advance in a male-dominated field. 
  • Best-selling author Sophia Amoruso first made headlines in 2011 for securing more than $40 million in funding for her clothing company, Nasty Girl.  Entrepreneur sits down with Amoruso to learn about her book tour, foundation that awards grants to young women entrepreneurs and why she stepped down from CEO of the company she founded. 
  • Females interested in breaking in to the VC and start-up world could begin their journey by choosing to attend a university to supports women entrepreneurship.  Pitchbook has identified the top 10 schools that help launch female founders