Engaging Employees for a Successful Wellness Campaign


Examples of how HCSC engaged their employees to lead a successful wellness campaign.
In 2016, Motiva – Health Care Service Corporation’s (HCSC) employee wellness division – engaged employees with a yearlong educational campaign centered around total body well-being. Each month, topics outside the norm of most wellness programs nudged employees to view wellness with a broader lens, realizing that there is more to a healthy person than just numbers on a scale.
Employees were encouraged to Move Naturally, Rest, Find Purpose, Reduce Stress, Be Positive, Connect with One Another, and more. Each month, more than 12,000 subscribers received a newsletter in their inbox addressing a different topic. They also got weekly tips to help them eat mindfully, try new recipes, and find hope and humor in the everyday.
Our employee network of more than 100 Motiva Health & Well-being Champions spread positive messages and brought them to life in each office with celebrations, health fairs, employee walks, biometric screenings, community service projects, and more.

Some of the highlights from the well-being initiatives in 2016 include:

  • Partnering with the City of Fort Worth and the Blue Zones® Project* to help shape HCSC’s Fort Worth office for recognition as a Blue Zones-approved business. The office created work committees to establish wellness zones, exercise spaces, healthy vending, outdoor trails, massage therapy, healthy potlucks, social networks and well-being benefits and solutions.
  • Offering a live event and webinar series called Sustainable Success, which focused on meditation and deep breathing for stress management.
  • Hosting a Health Champion summit for representatives in each field office, where they learned about spreading awareness, community service, managing their own stress levels, best practices in health promotion and more.
  • Honoring the top five field offices with the most meaningful and robust health promotion programming for the employees at those sites and the communities around them. 
  • Working with the Arthritis Foundation to pilot “Walk with Ease” at HCSC’s state headquarters’ sites. The 12-week program introduces fitness to non-exercisers and those with special conditions in a gradual, non-threatening way. The team dietitian created a nutrition component to be added when the program launches again in 2017.

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