First-of-its-Kind Mobile App Partners to Help End Hunger


© Photo provided by TwentyTables

Time and again, businesses—big and small—showcase how they’re using technology for social good. As seen at the Chamber Foundation’s Digital Empowers Forum, innovative technologies are making a positive impact locally and globally – from enhancing early childhood education within U.S. classrooms to breaking down systemic barriers for gender equality around the world.

Another example of leveraging technology for good can be seen in a local mobile app TwentyTables. TwentyTables is a first-of-its-kind, socially-conscious, fixed-cost, meal marketplace. What does that mean? Every lunch purchased through their app and supplied by one of their restaurant partners is … $6. Always.

However, TwentyTables does not only provide customers convenient, delicious fixed-cost meals. We are equally committed to tackling local, national, and global food insecurity and hunger. That’s why for every 20 meals ordered, we donate five meals to one of our charity partners. Washington, D.C. consumers and businesses can choose to donate meals to Capital Area Food Bank, DC Central Kitchen, and Martha’s Table. As the company expands to new markets, donations generated through meals served in those cities will help food charities local to that community.

In addition to helping the hungry and food insecure in Washington D.C. and beyond, TwentyTables is committed to providing corporate America and its workforce a wholesome, delicious, AND affordable lunch.

Now, through TwentyTables, consumers and employers have access to a network of delicious and convenient restaurant-prepared meals, for a price comparable to meals prepared-at-home. But perhaps more importantly, it means that per SHRM (Society for Human Resources Management), the 52% of workers that bring lunch from home now have a viable, economical, and sustainable alternative to brown-bagging it. TwentyTables is a luxury of convenience for everyone who wants to stop packing lunch, but at a budget-friendly price. And for businesses, offering TwentyTables’ service as an employee benefit means that for just $120/month, employers can provide an employee a daily “free lunch” benefit.

It’s a win for everyone involved—affordable meals for consumers; increased business for restaurants; and helping feed the hungry. Everyone prospers together in our Community of Food.

TwentyTables’ app went live on iPhone and Android in Washington D.C. earlier this year. Currently over 75 restaurants and food trucks are registered, and TwentyTables is expanding rapidly throughout the city and plans to grow organically throughout the DC Metro area.

TwentyTables was recently nominated by the Capital Area Food Bank as one of Washington D.C.’s most innovative tech companies, and finished 2nd out of 64 companies in DC Inno’s Tech Madness competition.

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