Goodshop Co-Founder Finds a Simple and Effective Way for Companies to Get Employees Involved with CSR Efforts


Goodshop co-founder launches Goodshop Gumdrop - an easy way for employees to get involved with CSR efforts.

We recently connected with JJ Ramberg, co-founder of Goodshop -- an 11 year old company based in San Francisco. Goodshop has been featured extensively by the press including the New York Times, Good Morning America, Fortune, Forbes, the WSJ, Oprah Magazine, and more. Ramberg is also the host of the MSNBC program “Your Business” and author of the bestselling book “It’s Your Business.” In this interview, she shares a recent innovation called Goodshop Gumdrop. 

What is Goodshop Gumdrop:

Gumdrop is a browser add on -- it takes 30 seconds to add -- which is basically Amazon Smile for thousands of other stores, meaning every time you shop, a percentage of what you spend is automatically donated to your favorite cause at no cost to you. Plus there is the added benefit that when someone visits an online store, the best coupons and deals automatically activate on their screen so they no longer have to do a search for "coupon codes."

How successful has this been?

To date, we've raised more than $12 million for causes and personal campaigns.  Money raised through Goodshop has helped feed the homeless, fund cancer research, pay to rebuild a library destroyed in a tornado, care for stray dogs and so much more. We support everything from large causes like the American Cancer Society to small personal causes like a local orchestra wanting to hire a conductor.  

To better understand how it works, think of a crowdfunding site like GoFundMe.  But, instead of asking supporters to make a donation, you are simply asking them to get the browser add-on and all their shopping will support the cause or campaign.  It's that easy.  

What got you thinking about the idea of companies using Gumdrop as an internal CSR campaign?  

I've heard the same comment over and over from employees over the years -- that their companies do big external CSR efforts, but they fail to get the employees involved.  This leads to a big disconnect between what the companies are doing which is outward facing and what they are doing internally.

How does Gumdrop solve that disconnect?

Gumdrop gives HR and CSR professionals a way to easily involve employees  in supporting whatever cause the company has set out to help.  Let's give the example of Acme Soap which has chosen to support the ASPCA via a number of outward facing initiatives.  Acme Soap would simply create a campaign "Acme Soap for the ASPCA" and let all its employees know they can support the campaign using Gumdrop.  The amount raised is recorded in almost real time and so it gives employees an effortless and ongoing campaign to be excited about being a part of.  

If someone reading this article wants to check out how it works, where should they go?

To see how Gumdrop works, it's easy.  Here is the page to add Gumdrop which supports the ASPCA.  And here is the ASPCA shopfunding page which keeps track of the earnings.   Interested companies can set up their own shopfunding page to support the cause of their choosing here.  Or, they can get in touch with us at