If Women Ran the World...

September 24, 2012

What would the world be like if women were in charge?  Scholars, theologians, and everyday people have pondered the question throughout time, wondering: Where could we be making more progress? How might history have been different in the hands of women? Would businesses grow faster or differently with women at the helm? What could the future look like in a society that enjoys gender equality at all levels?

While we’re closer than ever before to gender equality in some areas, we’re still light years away in others. And regardless of where we stand on progress towards those goals, however, the benefits of an educated and employed female workforce are unquestionable. In fact, the Center for Women’s Business Research reports that businesses owned by women in the United States contribute almost $3 trillion to our economy annually – that equates to the creation and/or maintenance of 23 million jobs!  It’s also very important to note that those businesses have been growing more than twice as fast as businesses owned by men.

The inherent value, unique perspective and distinct contributions women bring to the job is a reality FedEx recognized long ago. In an industry historically dominated by men, FedEx has worked hard to recruit and retain women at all levels for the short- and long-term benefit of our business and our customers. From our female chief legal counsel to female couriers on the roads, our workforce is now more than 27% female, with more than 22% of our leadership positions held by women – statistics that that continue to climb.

This coming week. I’m proud to see FedEx take its commitment to gender diversity out of the workplace and into the broader business community.  Today we are co-hosting an event that asks women entrepreneurs and business leaders to think about their role in the economy, how their businesses make a difference, and what the nation can be doing to spur growth and investment.  The program, entitled Women and the American Economy: A Dialogue with Business Leaders, will feature a presentation on U.S. economic outlook, followed by a panel discussion on the economy’s impacting on women in business from both a professional and personal perspective.  This conversation will be wide-ranging and will certainly reinforce the critical role women play in growing America’s economy by leading our businesses and driving our workforce...something that we see and embrace at FedEx each and every day.

Rich Cocuzzo is Vice President, Sales at FedEx Services.