Meet the Hiring Our Heroes Staffers Nominated for Military Spouse of the Year

February 9, 2018

AMPLIFY Austin 2017.jpg

AMPLIFY Austin 2017
Crowe (first row, second from left) and Teplesky (third row, fifth from left) with other military spouses at Hiring Our Heroes' AMPLIFY Austin in 2017

Two Hiring Our Heroes (HOH) staffers, both current military spouses as well as veterans themselves, have been recognized for their committment to service, family, and country as Military Spouse of the Year (MSOY) nominees. MSOY is an annual recogniztion of those who play a vital role as the force beside our nation’s service members: military spouses.

Amanda Crowe, director of the HOH Military Spouse Professional Network, and Lindsay Teplesky, deputy director and program manager for the HOH Corporate Fellowship Program, have been nominated by their peers for the award in the national campaign presented by Military Spouse Magazine and Armed Forces Insurance.

See Amanda's nomination and vote for her here.

Crowe served as a Navy Reservist for 8 years and has seen more than 10 deployments in her time as a military spouse. She is intimately familiar with the high operational tempo that military life often demands, and devotes much of her professional and personal energy to supporting her military community of spouses and families. As the director of the Military Spouse Professional Network, a worldwide initiative that supports career-minded military spouses, Crowe divides her time and focus between the program’s global locations and being wife to her active duty Navy husband and and mom to their children. Overseeing more than 45 network locations and hundreds of volunteers, as well as traveling to dozens of Hiring Our Heroes events each year, Crowe is a venerable force working to empower military spouses to seek meaningful employment opportunities, while also educating employers on the vast benefits military spouse professionals offer as employees.

“The ability for military spouses to maintain a steady, growing, advancing career is paramount to the stability of many military families, and it can absolutely play a huge part in national security,” said Crowe, who will use her platform to continue advocating for the employment needs of military spouses if she is named spouse of the year. “If those military spouses are not able to maintain a satisfactory career (both in income and achievement), the military is far more likely to lose their best and brightest active duty.”

Nominated by a peer, Crowe is described by those who know her as a master of balancing her roles while still maintaining her sincere intentions. “She is constantly trying to find connections for spouses,” said Heidi Dindial, the fellow military spouse who nominated Crowe. “Despite all the obstacles such as deployment, traveling for work, and taking care of the world, Amanda manages to constantly stay motivated and committed to every task at hand.”

Lindsay Teplesky is a proud Army veteran and military spouse who channels her passion and energy into the Corporate Fellowship Program, where she helps transitioning service members and military spouses gain hands-on professional management experience in the civilian workforce. As the program's national deputy director, as well as the program manager for the Fort Carson, Colorado, location, Teplesky serves an integral role in connecting transitioning service members and spouses with corporate fellowship opportunities in preparation for their civilian careers.

Teplesky says she strives to increase awareness about the employment challenges faced by career-minded military spouses and veterans and if selected as military spouse of the year, she would work to see these hurdles addressed. “I would like to see more that we can treat the underlying cause, not just the symptoms,” said Teplesky.

Also nominated by a fellow military spouse, Teplesky is touted for her tireless devotion to the military community. “Even though she's already served her country from her time as an active duty Army officer, she continues to serve military spouses, service members, and veterans with her work with Hiring Our Heroes and the HOH Military Spouse Professional Network,” said Christine Maxwell, who nominated Teplesky. “On her own she works for the military community, advocating for spouses, finding job connections and helping to build their skills. Lindsay works so hard for our community, I would love to have her recognized.”

Military Spouse of the Year nominations were collected and organized by installation, district, or state. Both Crowe and Teplesky are nominated for the initial round of voting, which is open through February 9. Winners for each military installation across Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Navy, Coast Guard and National Guard branches of service will then advance to the next round of voting, culminating in the naming of the national winner on May 10.