The New Online Platform We're Bookmarking

April 14, 2016


MGM Resorts is launching an all-new online platform, with the inside scoop from company leaders.

MGM Resorts International has a giant global footprint, with 62,000 employees, 18 destinations, and millions of visitors every year. Sustainability and corporate responsibility at that scale might seem difficult, but MGM prioritizes its commitment to high standards and cutting-edge initiatives that create a better world.

Now, we’re really excited to share the announcement of an all-new platform called Building on its promise to drive innovation, within and beyond the company, MGM today launched the online thought leadership platform as a one-stop shop for those interested in the expertise supporting the success of MGM Resorts’ iconic brands.

MGM is calling it an “insiders’ look” into how the award-winning company does business. It’ll be replete with video and blog content, and serve as a social media hub for fresh insights and dialogue.

MGMThink  provides an active forum for  our senior leaders and other thought leaders across the company to provide a real behind-the-scenes look at not only what we do at MGM Resorts, but how we do it and, more importantly, why,” said Clark Dumont, APR, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications for MGM Resorts International. Through MGMThink, we’ll connect ideas to people in a way that is new and thoughtful.”

Just last year, MGM was a finalist for the 2015 Best Environmental Steward Corporate Citizenship Award. Aligned with MGM’s mission to protect the planet’s natural resources, the company partnered with NRG Energy to install a 6.4MW solar photovoltaic array on the rooftop of the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, spanning a total of TWENTY (yes, all on one rooftop) acres! Just to offer a bit of context, those solar panels generate enough electricity to power the equivalent of 1,000 homes for one year. If that wasn’t enough, the company is working to expand the solar array by an additional 2MW this year.

The project is the perfect example of how businesses can maximize impact for success, by integrating a few key components into the program:

  1. Honing in on key business capabilities. MGM already has large amounts of (relatively) unused space, in its expansive rooftop system.
  2. Taking advantage of the local environment. What does Las Vegas have a-plenty? Sun – and lots of it.
  3. Finding the right partner. NRG Energy is already a well-established company, known as a leader of the green energy revolution.

With the launch of MGMThink, anyone can get the inside scoop on how MGM designs programs like these. Company leaders covering a wide spectrum of roles, from entertainment, hospitality, and cuisine, to finance, marketing, and social responsibility, will weigh in with best practices and what has worked (and maybe even what hasn’t!).

We at CCC are particularly excited to get inside the brains of MGM’s best and brightest. It’s safe to say we’ll be bookmarking MGMThink starting today.