Peer-Reviewed: Top Companies for Community Good

Microsoft, Target and Wal-Mart do a great job making a positive difference in their communities, according to their peers in the business community. In total, 19 companies were identified as “doing the best job of investing in the communities in which they operate” by respondents to a business survey BCLC recently conducted.

Today BCLC is releasing the full findings from its study about business engagement in U.S. communities, including how and why companies invest in social issues and trends to watch for the coming year. Report on the State of Corporate Community Investment offers one of the most robust looks at the role of corporate citizenship in community and economic development in the United States.

Results of the study show that company leaders believe high taxes and the lack of qualified labor are the most significant local factors that hinder a community’s long-term development and competitiveness. School quality, housing affordability, and the high cost of health care rounded out the top five barriers to development and competitiveness. Respondents further indicated that they believe the business community can play a role in improving the lack of quality employees, school quality, and healthcare costs.
For an explanation of these and other findings in the report, or to download the report, visit BCLC’s website.