Sell Your Story

October 4, 2012

Small businesses will always have a personal connection with their customers. Women by nature are great connectors.  Customers are looking for a company they can trust, since you are the owner of the business, they are deciding if they can trust you. Are you the type of person they want to do business with? Why would they connect with you?

Your Story
Your story is important to a potential customer. Why did you start your business? What motivates you? What do you believe in? Answering these simple questions can go a long way towards gaining customer trust.

Your story should be featured on your company’s Web site. It doesn’t have to be too long, but it does have to tell a potential customer who you are and why they should trust you.

Be Visible
Customers may know your story, but is that the only opportunity they have to hear your voice? It is important to keep communicating with your current and potential customers. Share your personality through social media updates, email blasts or even old-fashioned letters. The more a customer hears from you, the more connected they will feel with you and your business.

Be Yourself
Be unique when communicating with your customers – be yourself. If your writing is detached, full of jargon and uninteresting, your customers probably won’t feel an emotional connection with you. If you inject some of your own personality, you will give customers more of a reason to trust you and your company. Just make sure you don’t cross the line into being unprofessional.

Success Stories
Looking for some inspiration? Check out Ana White, a carpenter who bills herself as a “homemaker.” Her Facebook page has over 51,000 fans and her blog is very engaging, chalk full of pictures of various projects she is working on.

Another good example is Kelly Lester, who founded She has used YouTube to create her very own TV show. Creating a TV show on YouTube is very complex, but she also uses the page to answer questions about her area of expertise – something you could easily do with just a laptop.

Today’s female small business owners need to whatever they can to stay ahead. Sharing your story is a great place to start.