Six Reasons to Attend Opportunity Forward

6 Reasons to Attend Opportunity Forward


From networking opportunities to thought-provoking content, here are six reasons to attend Opportunity Forward.

This year's Corporate Citizenship Conference, Opportunity Forward, will bring together business leaders across sectors to discuss how the business community – together with their partners – can take action in creating solutions that drive us forward.

Here are six reasons to register today for Opportunity Forward.

1. Expand your network with a room filled with hundreds of influential people

At Opportunity Forward, you’ll be able to exchange ideas, collaborate, and network with an influential group of business leaders in corporate citizenship. Every year, participants leave our annual conference having built new partnerships and long-lasting relationships

2. Learn how to “future-proof” your business and build opportunity from top business professionals

Our inspiring, thought-provoking speakers represent the best the private sector. At this event, they’ll explain how companies can create solutions for some of today’s most pressing issues and ways to "future-proof" your business in order to build opportunity and prosperity for all. 

3. Now is the time to save money! Get up to $200 off with 20% fall discount

Our lowest prices are going on now for a limited time only, so make sure to register yourself and your colleagues before prices go up! Use 20% discount code FALL20 to save up to $200.

4. Sharpen your skills, and find out what other companies are doing in the field

It’s not always necessary to reinvent the wheel. Don’t miss the chance to hear success (and failure) stories first-hand from top business leaders. Learn from their experiences and how to implement similar corporate citizenship programs at your organization.

5. Content is built just for you

The content you'll hear at Opportunity Forward is strategically developed to address challenges facing organizations today. Participants will be able to take best practices and actionable insights back to their organization.

6. Numerous interactive working sessions

Working sessions offered throughout the conference allow for participants to have open discussions around common challenges, solutions, best practices, and growth opportunities across sectors and organizations, big and small, in an intimate setting.

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