Talent Finance Video Series: Erin Robert

For investors, Talent Finance provides the language and framework for a realm of new possibilities. With a data-driven approach, the Talent Finance initiative is leading a movement to connect the public and private sectors to work towards increasing investment in people.

In the new economy, jobs and the in-demand skills employers require are constantly evolving, while the preparation of students and workers have remained based in a prior era and economy. The  Foundation and its partners are exploring a new approach for employers and the financial services community to collaborate and identify new private sector-led tools for financing talent, developing new strategies for managing risk in the labor market, and managing how to pay for workers to get and constantly refine the skills they need. Talent Finance explores new ways to invest in people and skills that keep pace with innovation and advance economic opportunity, diversity, inclusion, and competitiveness.

In this episode of the Talent Finance Video Series, Erin Robert, head of Impact Finance at JP Morgan Chase & Co., sat down with U.S. Chamber Foundation President Carolyn Cawley, to discuss Talent Finance as a guiding framework for investors. Robert and Talent Finance partners at JPMorgan Chase & Co., believe in the importance of investing in our workforce. When led by the nine guiding principles of Talent Finance, the “best elements of existing financial structures” can be leveraged to create a movement towards “diversity and equity,” said Robert. 

Watch the interview below:

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