Tips for Women Entrepreneurs

December 5, 2014

CWB’s latest book event with Jenn Aubert was a great success! The audience enjoyed a luncheon on December 4, 2014 and got to hear stories and advice from Jenn Aubert, author of Women Entrepreneur Revolution: Ready! Set! Launch! while also learning about three other Washington, DC area entrepreneurs: Racheal Cook, founder of The Yogipreneur; Kimberly Wilson, founder of Tranquil Space; and Kassie Rempel, owner of Lillybee. These women business owners shared plenty of great information and resources with aspiring entrepreneurs in the room, but perhaps their best tips were the following:

  1. Make Time For Yourself – Racheal Cook soon found that running her own online consulting business was something that she loved doing. The problem was, she loved doing it all the time. Racheal quickly learned that setting boundaries around when and where she would allow herself to work helped her be more productive during her working hours and preserved quality time with her family as well.
  2. Know Your Way Around a Spreadsheet – Kassie Rempel is a “recovering CPA” who knows a thing or two about accounting. That knowledge helped her immensely when she started her two businesses. She advises other entrepreneurs to get comfortable with Excel and come up with a business plan. Being able to see how your business makes and spends money is enormously important for growing your company, finding funding, and hopefully generating profit.
  3. It’s Ok to Stay Small – Lots of new business owners want to jump in right away and build their businesses really quickly. That’s great, but focusing on perfecting your product or service first, and then growing organically might be a more sustainable way to grow a business that is around for the long haul. Kimberly Wilson began teaching yoga in her apartment. As her client base grew she was able to start a blog, rent studio space, and start a clothing line in order to keep up with client demand. She credits her small start as one of the important reasons her company is still around and profitable today.

Hope these tips are helpful as you think about starting your own business. Want to learn more about Women-Owned firms in the U.S. (including which states are best at supporting women entrepreneurs)? Then check out our latest report.