Wastewater is More Useful than You Might Think

July 14, 2016


Xylem hopes to create a sustainable future for water pumping systems with effective wastewater management.

Wastewater = Sustainability?

If you’re anything like me, the term “wastewater” probably doesn’t come to mind when you’re thinking about long-term sustainability. The global water technology company Xylem, however, sees things a little differently.

At the IFAT 2016 Trade Show in May, Xylem launched the world’s first wastewater pumping system with integrated intelligence. This innovative product, called the Flygt Concertor, is geared at decreasing ownership costs, consuming less energy, and ensuring better wastewater pumping. How is it able to do all this? The new product uses technology to sense the conditions of the environment and automatically adapts to the best pumping conditions.

Why You Should Care about Wastewater

You might be asking yourself, why is smart wastewater pumping important? For starters, sustainable water pumping systems can be used to combat issues related to aging infrastructure, increased urbanization, and rising energy costs. Furthermore, UN Water explains in its analytical brief on wastewater management that (properly treated and managed) wastewater has a variety of environmental benefits, including:

  • It’s a drought-resistant source of water (particularly for agriculture and industry);
  • It’s a source of agricultural nutrients;
  • It acts as a soil conditioner; and
  • It can be a source of energy and heat.      

It’s evident that wastewater could be a key player for global sustainability, and Xylem hopes its new product will highlight the benefits of utilizing this resource. Tomas Brannemo, President of Xylem’s Transport business, calls the new product “a revolutionary solution [that] represents a step-change in sustainable wastewater management solutions and is a real problem-solver.”

If wastewater is used in a more effective manner, and viewed as a viable resource, the possibilities for mitigating global water issues are endless. By reducing its energy consumption and using integrated intelligence to provide information about surrounding areas, the “Concertor” represents an important step for environmental technology.

The Flygt Concertor certainly has a lot of potential to improve wastewater pumping, and on a larger scale, environmental conditions across the globe. Who knew wastewater could be so critical for sustainability?