The Water Challenge and Business

February 11, 2010

The “water challenge” — to secure safe and reliable water and sanitation services for all — is a leading sustainable development priority not only for the OECD and other multilateral agencies, but for companies and NGOs, too. Geographically, some parts of the world have too much water, yet many have too little. 

Multinational companies face water situations every day on two planes: as a global CSR issue as well as a core operational challenge. From finding solutions for clean drinking water to establishing internal sustainability programs that reduce water usage, the water challenge certainly captures the attention of many responsible and responsive businesses.

On February 19th officials from Diageo, Dow Chemical, ITT Corporation, and NGO partner organizations will participate in a global CSR issues forum at at the U.S. Chamber headquarters in Washington, DC. With the spotlight on water, presenters will share their experience working on the water challenge in specific regions of the world and will provide perspectives on the ethical debates that organizations face when working in the development sector.

Visit “ITT Watermark” for an interactive map, stats, and links.

Please join co-hosts BCLC and CHF International for this timely forum. Registration for the forum is low-cost — $25 for Chamber members and $35 for non-members. If you’re a blogger and want to cover the forum, contact me and ask about free registration.