Resources for Indonesia's COVID-19 Crisis

Indonesia has become the new COVID-19 epicenter, experiencing a massive surge in infections over the last month, driven by the Delta variant. This increase in cases has overwhelmed the healthcare system and hospitals in multiple localities, and there are growing concerns about the availability of oxygen and other life-sustaining supplies.

To address these challenges, we've gathered a list of critical supplies needed based on consultations with government officials in Indonesia, as well as non-governmental experts who are on the front lines. The list below also includes the quantity of each item is currently needed.

As of August 26, 2021

Immediate Needs Assessment

Medical Equipment Needs

  • HFNC / High-Flow Nasal Cannula: 5,700
  • Syringe pump: 2,600
  • Infusion pump: 2,600
  • Patient Monitor: 2,600
  • Patient Bed (Hospital beds with mechanical fittings): 21,400
  • Oxygen Concentrator Portable: 10,200
  • Oxygen Regulator: 51,150
  • Oxygen Cylinder 6M3: 146,000
  • ISO Tanks: 17

Drug Needs

  • Remdesivir: 367,000
  • Tocilizumab 400mg/20ml: 60,400
  • IVIg 5% 50mh: 32,200


The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation is collecting information to share with government officials who will help facilitate the donation of products and services to Indonesia.

If your company is looking to make large quantities of in-kind donations to support Indonesia's COVID response, use the form below to submit your information.



For direct cash donations, you can reach out to the following organizations:

We will continue to update this list as more information and resources become available. For any questions, please reach out to