2018 Best Health and Wellness Program Finalists

Abbott and the Abbott Fund

Every second counts in an emergency. But in many countries, there's no modern ER.  That’s why Abbott and its foundation, the Abbott Fund, are partnering to create a leading ER and emergency medicine residency program in East Africa.

The ER provides best-in-class care, regardless of ability to pay, for more than 60,000 people a year. The number of deaths at the hospital has dropped by 50 percent, saving thousands of lives every year, and the program has trained more than 300 physicians, nurses and students. In addition, the ER generates a profit, which is reinvested to further strengthen hospital operations—providing a new model for financial sustainability in public health.

Anthem Foundation (in partnership with the American Lung Association)

The Anthem Foundation is committed to creating a healthier generation of Americans by improving public health and addressing preventable health concerns.

In 2017, the Anthem Foundation and the American Lung Association introduced the Smoking Cessation for Low-Income Housing Residents initiative with a two-year plan to make smoking cessation resources available to residents across the U.S.

The initiative makes available to residents the only proven effective, evidence-based smoking cessation program—the American Lung Association’s Freedom From Smoking® program. To date, 875 residents have completed the program, thus eliminating second-hand smoke among thousands more residents and children. Additionally, over 200 community partner organizations have joined to help.

This partnership builds on the Anthem Foundation’s long-term commitment to eradicate smoking and deliver lasting change.

Samsung Electronics America

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. provides innovative technologies, products, and design that enrich people’s lives and contribute to social prosperity by creating a new future.

More than 20 million children lack consistent, quality health care in the U.S. In partnership with the Children’s Health Fund, the Samsung Innovation Center was created to increase access and improve health care for vulnerable children and families.

Because of the Samsung Center, more than 66,000 children now have access to services such as automated vision screening, telehealth, and toolkits that provide real-time information and test results for low-income families who have transportation difficulties.