Best Corporate Steward: UPS

The "Shared Value" Category

Excerpts from the nomination:

Founded in 1907 as a messenger company in the United States, UPS® has grown into a multi-billion-dollar corporation. Today, UPS is a global company with one of the most recognized and admired brands. We have become the world's largest package delivery company and a leading global provider of specialized transportation and logistics services with a global network of more than 400,000 employees.

For generations, UPS has invested in building a world-class international transportation and logistics network to enable commerce around the world. That’s one of our core business strategies. It’s also an increasingly important sustainability strategy. We aggregate millions of packages every business day and deliver them through a single integrated network that is optimized for packages, the same way a public transit system is optimized for people. By aggregating the shipping of more than 4 billion shipments in our global network in 2012, we helped minimize the fuel and emissions footprint of every one.

Similarly, our decision to invest in communities through volunteerism and philanthropic giving is tied closely to our belief that business is stronger when customers, suppliers, small businesses, and employees thrive. In our experience, when communities are strong, they are better able to engage in trade and commerce, which is ultimately good for UPS’s business. Our community investments are tied closely to areas where we know our capabilities in shipping and logistics, and our global, diverse workforce, can make a difference including road safety, disaster relief, and veteran job training.

UPS’s stewardship activities cut across all levels and geographies. Our CEO, Scott Davis, has overseen UPS's status as a sustainability leader, including improvements in the fuel efficiency of the UPS air and ground fleet and deployment of the industry's largest alternative fuel fleet.

Senior managers at the company actively participate in UPS’s Community Internship Program (CIP), a management-training course designed to immerse senior level executives in to a community, exposing them to a variety of social and economic challenges facing today's workforce. While in the program, senior leaders and managers leave their jobs and families to spend a month living and working in one of four sites run by local non-profit agencies. The program provides UPS management with a greater understanding of the needs in local communities and our responsibility to be a part of the solution.

Our sustainability efforts and community investment projects continue to generate significant economic and social benefit. In 2011, UPS was named to the Carbon Disclosure Project’s Global 500―Carbon Disclosure Leadership Index and is one of only four companies in the world to receive the highest score, 99 out of 100. We have also worked to operationalize our sustainability and carbon reduction programs when working with customers.

UPS created The UPS Foundation in 1951 to operationalize the company’s corporate citizenship efforts. Whether leveraging our drivers’ safe driving record to teach road safety to teenagers, or deploying expert logistics technicians to help move supplies quickly when faced by a natural disaster, The UPS Foundation is ensuring our resources, expertise, philanthropic dollars, and volunteers are going where they are needed the most.

We continue to use a carefully managed philanthropy strategy that leverages UPS’s logistics expertise, employee volunteers, and financial resources. In 2012, UPSers and UPS contributed nearly $100 million in funding, up from $93 million in 2011. This included in-kind donations of $2.6 million. Our global community and volunteer efforts generated 1.8 million service hours—the equivalent of $40.6 million in monetized social value. Further, in 2012, from a survey of employees over a three-month period, we found a five percent ROI in terms of new sales opportunities generated through volunteerism.

In 2012, we also grew our signature program, UPS Road Code, which engages UPSers with safe driving records to teach road safety skills to teenagers. The program more than doubled from 22 sites to 52 sites. We also trained more than 4,700 students—our highest number yet. We are proud to see more employees share their skills with teenagers new to the road.

UPS also continued to provide resources, expertise and manpower for disaster relief efforts around the world, including through Logistics Emergency Teams (LETs) globally and Logistics Action Teams (LATs) in the U.S.

We are proud of our more than 30-year partnership with United Way. Combined with the generosity of UPS employees, we have contributed more than $1 billion to United Way since the beginning of our relationship with them in 1982. To date, no other organization has reached this milestone.

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