February 18, 2021


A major winter storm is impacting millions with widespread power outages, lack of safe drinking water, and leaving people without heat. Snow and ice have blanketed nearly three-quarters of the continental United States with more weeks of possible winter weather on the horizon.  

Below you can find resources and organizations you might consider partnering with to help with relief and recovery efforts. At this stage, cash donations are the best way to make an impact.

Organizations Supporting Impacted Communities*

In-Kind Product Donations

Unsolicited goods and donations continue to be a big issue. Please do not send or bring unsolicited donations. Only provide in-kind donations of goods which have been requested and to an organization who can manage the donation. You can contact Kaitlin FitzGerald at Good360 if you would like to see the current needs list and are interested in providing large-quantity product donations.

Volunteer Opportunities

Several organizations are seeking volunteers, but please only assist organizations that have requested volunteers and be sure to register with the organization prior to volunteering. Please do not self-deploy.

*List of organizations will be continually updated as more organizations deploy and support individuals and businesses in need.