Building Toward Healthcare Supply Chain Resilience Report


January 18, 2024


The delivery of healthcare resources in the U.S. is critical to ensuring the health and well-being of the American public. Supply chain disruptions, regardless of cause but most pronounced in disasters, can threaten the availability of these resources, with significant public health implications. 

Healthcare supply chain resilience refers to the ability of the healthcare system to adapt to and recover from various disruptions. This helps ensure the continuous availability and accessibility of essential medical supplies and services efficiently and effectively. Many stakeholders ranging from manufacturers to healthcare providers must align functionally and collaboratively to mitigate threats to healthcare supply chains. In a varied and complex, post-pandemic landscape, all sectors now realize their connection to healthcare supply chains. As we move forward together, enhancing their adaptation and responsiveness are essential to preparing for the next public health crisis or climate disaster.  

The Healthcare Distribution Alliance (HDA), in partnership with the U.S. Chamber Foundation, facilitated a roundtable at the 2022 Business Solves Conference, focusing on key topics such as addressing product shortages, private-public collaboration, and best practices for risk reduction strategies. 

The roundtable, comprised of representatives from the private sector, non-profits, and the federal government, highlighted that while healthcare supply chain issues were widely discussed during the pandemic, a deep understanding of the realities faced by those managing global supply chain networks was often lacking. This conversation led to the creation of key insights, as laid out in this report.

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