October 12, 2023


Two magnitude 6.3 earthquakes occurred in Afghanistan, killing over 2,000 people. The first earthquake took place on October 7 and then a second earthquake of the same magnitude struck again on October 11. The city of Herat and its surrounding region took substantial damage and is experiencing a shortage of essential utilities and supplies.

This page will provide up-to-date guidance and resources to help the business community effectively contribute to response efforts. We will continue to update this list as more information becomes available.

Providing Support 

This situation is exceptionally dynamic, so financial contributions will move faster than donated goods. Cash assists with bolstering the supply chains of responders already positioned to meet humanitarian needs, while also avoiding burdening those supply chains with goods that are well intended but not appropriate for this particular crisis.

Organizations responding in Afghanistan:

For further information to support relief efforts, please email

Note: As with most humanitarian crisis, unsolicited donations of food and product overwhelm local communities and negatively impact critical relief operations. Please do not send unsolicited donations. Only provide in-kind donations of goods which have been requested and to an organization who can manage the donation.