May 29, 2020


  • American Red Cross is closely monitoring the outbreak of COVID-19 and supporting public health agencies to help communities prepare. More on American Red Cross.
  • Americares shares its emergency response update as it relates to product support for health workers, training and technical assistance, and maintaining continuity of operations. Read the latest update.
  • Feeding America, the largest hunger-relief organization in the U.S., is responding to the coronavirus outbreak in local communities and working to support people facing hunger. More on Feeding America.
  • Good360 is mobilizing its resources to respond to the needs of communities, as well as sharing CDC prevention tactics and additional resources. More about Good360.
  • Healthcare Ready is collaborating with public health and private sectors to address areas such as supply chain operations, concerns with the U.S. health system, global response efforts, and humanitarian assistance. More about Healthcare Ready.
  • International Medical Corps is sharing a regular situation report on the latest COVID-19 updates and how its responding. Read the latest report.
  • International Rescue Committee is scaling up its response to the pandemic, providing lifesaving programs to vulnerable communities in over 40 countries worldwide, including the United States. More about International Rescue Committee.
  • Mercy Corps is helping vulnerable communities on the front lines of crisis. More about Mercy Corps.
  • NetHope has identified needs and best practices from organizations around the globe about this rapidly changing event. Here's what they learned.
  • Project Hope, a global health and humanitarian relief organization, tracks the global response and shares the latest situation overview in its COVID-19 Situation Report. Read the latest report.
  • The Salvation Army is serving the low income, vulnerable populations through feeding, food box distribution, home delivery, school lunch meal support, cleaning supplies, and more. Read the latest report.
  • Save the Children is working with health teams on the ground to roll out COVID-19 prevention messages, and provide parents, caregivers, and teachers with tools that support children and families during this time. More about Save the Children.
  • UNICEF shares how it's working with partners to help protect children and halt the pandemic. More about UNICEF's response.
  • United Nations World Food Programme is committed to saving lives and minimizing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the world's most vulnerable populations. More about World Food Programme.
  • United Way Worldwide is working to support communities affected by COVID-19, including a Community Response and Recovery Fund thatwill help the most vulnerable populations receive critical financial and social service support during this global crisis. More about United Way.