November 05, 2020


Health officials are warning the country is facing down a “two-front war” as the coronavirus pandemic collides with regular flu season.

Business owners have a vital role to play to stop the virus from wreaking havoc on the economy and the health system. Encouraging employees to get the flu vaccine is one of the best ways to help keep workplaces open and communities safe.

In a recent episode of Path Forward, Pharmacist Heather Shultz of Meijer Pharmacy explained how employers can help protect workers before it’s too late.

“I would encourage business leaders to reach out to their local pharmacies to learn more about opportunities to help collaborate and make it easier for their employees to receive a flu vaccination, whether that’s doing on-site clinics or doing off-site clinics, or providing vouchers for their employees to receive flu shots if they’re not covered under their insurance,” she said.

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