May 29, 2020


Path Forward

Path Forward, a series produced by the U.S. Chamber Foundation, is designed to help business and community leaders find the answers they need to execute a responsible reopening strategy and plan for a post-pandemic world.

How do we protect employees and customers from the coronavirus? What are some of the barriers to a successful reopening of the economy? Where can my staff get COVID-19 tests? Masks? Gloves? Who’s going to pay for all this? Each episode features conversations between the U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Suzanne Clark and experts with practical recommendations for businesses of all sizes.

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Mental Health TeleTalk Series

The U.S. Chamber Foundation launched a new “pop-up” virtual event series focused on all facets of mental health, well-being, and community building. These virtual events are “pop-up” in nature to adapt to the business community’s changing needs, interest areas, and complex work schedules. The TeleTalks feature expert facilitated or group-based discussions to help individuals, employees, and businesses get the tools they need to find mental health and stability in an otherwise uncertain time.

Topics include:

  • Parenting During the Pandemic: Supporting Teens, Tweens and Ourselves Through Challenging Times
  • How Brands Are Responding to COVID-19: Flattening Our Mental Health Curve
  • Digital Mental Health and Virtual Community Building
  • Resourceful, Resilient, and Remote: Mental Health First Aid in the New Work Environment
  • Cultivating Wellness in the Workplace: Approaches to Mental Health Training and Education

Building Resilience Through Private-Public Partnerships

As communities around the world begin to recover from the effects of COVID-19, society grapples with what a new normal may look like. This global pandemic has disrupted nearly every aspect of our daily lives—the way we do business, how we worship, and receive an education. These disruptions uncover our vulnerabilities and shine a light on the need for total resilience—protecting individuals, preparing communities, and fortifying social systems.

Now in its ninth year, the Building Resilience Through Private-Public Partnerships Conference focused on the collaboration required among private, public, and nonprofit sectors to help mitigate the effects of all disasters.

This year’s conference, hosted by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation with support from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), and U.S. NORTHERN COMMAND, focused on building resilience amid a global pandemic while looking ahead to future emergencies and how we can be better prepared through greater collaboration across sectors.

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