December 17, 2020

T3 Network of Networks Work Group Final Report

T3 Network N2 Final Report Cover

Accelerating the Digital Transformation of the Talent Marketplace

The T3 Innovation Network (T3 Network) is an initiative whose mission is to convene diverse stakeholders within the talent marketplace and remove barriers to enable digital transformation and innovation, promoting access, agency, and empowerment of individuals with respect to their data. The network is managed by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation (Chamber Foundation) with support from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Educational Testing Service (ETS), Google, Lumina Foundation, Microsoft, and Walmart.

The nascent work of the T3 Network Initiative and its productive momentum has affirmed the need to continue to evolve and keep pace with the requirements of its many constituents, which include not only members but also the general public of learners, workers, and employers. Thus, T3 Network leadership organized a Work Group to develop a plan for transitioning into a member-led “Network of Networks.” This Work Group, known as T3N2, met throughout the fall of 2020 to discuss and document thinking on the future of the initiative. The group was tasked with identifying the network’s core value proposition within the ecosystem, promoting both member and humanitarian goals, and establishing an approach for the network to evolve into an independent, self-sustaining entity governed by its diverse membership.

The following report is a synthesis of the cumulative work of the T3N2 Work Group. It seeks to answer the question of “What Next?” for the well-established T3 Innovation Network initiative. The product speaks directly to current T3 Network members, potential members, funders, sponsors, and other interested parties. It presents a recommended path forward, highlights organizational considerations, and encourages collective support of this exciting new trajectory.