Build high-performing talent pipelines.

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation developed Talent Pipeline Management® (TPM) to advance authentic employer leadership in building high-performing talent pipelines. Built by business, for business, TPM provides employers and their education and workforce development partners with strategies and tools to co-design talent supply chains that connect learners and workers to jobs and career advancement opportunities. Supported by the TPM framework and delivered through the TPM Academy®, TPM facilitates change management to achieve better outcomes for all partners. 

Top benefits of TPM include:

  • Built on industry best practices
  • Authentically employer-led
  • Generates granular, actionable data on employer demand
  • Provides a structured and agile process for collective action and decision making
  • Engages the full spectrum of talent sourcing providers
  • Creates shared value, competitiveness, and accountability
  • Focused on employer ROI

The TPM Academy

The TPM Academy trains business, workforce, economic development, and education leaders on the TPM framework, a demand-driven strategy to create career pathways for students and workers with talent pipelines aligned to dynamic business needs.  

Whether facilitated in-person or online and on demand via our TPM Co/Lab™ learning platform, the TPM Academy equips you with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to implement talent supply chain solutions that create shared value for students, workers, education and training partners, and employers using our custom TPM Academy curriculum.  

TPM Academy graduates can take an assessment to demonstrate they understand the TPM framework and earn a credential to be recognized as a TPM Talent Supply Chain Manager.  

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How do we prepare talent for today’s workforce? Leaders across the country are using the demand-driven, employer-led TPM framework to improve their talent pipelines. This video summarizes examples of the TPM framework put to use.

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Case Studies

In Phoenix, the healthcare industry is using TPM to organize employers, identify needs, and partner with education providers to create a sustainable model for hiring, upskilling, and retaining specialty nurses. 

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TPM Resource Guide: Connecting Opportunity Population Talent to Better Career Pathways with the following text: This guide provides a set of resources that can be used to explore how TPM can be leveraged—as a framework as well as a set of strategies—to build stronger employer and opportunity population partnerships to support talent that experiences barriers to employment.  

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TPM National Learning Network

The TPM National Learning Network (NLN) includes individuals participating in or having completed the TPM Academy, making up a peer network that benefits from sharing best practices. The TPM NLN engages in ongoing activities including quarterly and special topic webinars and biannual summits to provide networking and continued learning opportunities. Members of this network can advance to become mentors and advisors as TPM Fellows and may advance further to become TPM Academy Faculty.

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