September 12, 2023


Texas Case Study: Strong Employer Leadership Needed To Upskill Americans

Published in Forbes on September 12, 2023.

Peter Beard, Senior Vice President for Regional Workforce Development at the Greater Houston Partnership, explains how initiatives like the U.S. Chamber Foundation's Talent Pipeline Management is crucial to closing America's skills gap:

"An example of a scaling and proven approach used in communities in 44 states across the country is the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation’s Talent Pipeline Management or TPM, which we have also deployed in Texas.

TPM is an in-person academy to train business, workforce, and economic development leaders to create career pathways for students and workers into industries with significant demand for talent. In February of 2023, TPM expanded to include Co/Lab, a new virtual platform that will make these trainings available everywhere. Support from the Charles Koch Foundation (CKF), the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Lumina Foundation, and made the Co/Lab expansion possible. TPM, and other resources like it, help give communities the tools they need to build their own pipelines and pathways. By using a common methodology, such as Upskill Houston or Talent Pipeline Management, we can align, integrate, and optimize our collective work to address the skills gap for the nation’s industries."