Disaster Response

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Resources for Hurricane Ida

One of the most powerful hurricanes ever to hit the U.S., Hurricane Ida made landfall in Louisiana on Sunday, August 29 as a Category 4 storm and has left hundreds of thousands of people without power, in addition to significant destruction across Louisiana communities. Here is a list of partners responding to the most immediate needs that you might consider supporting to help with relief and recovery efforts.

Resources for Haiti Earthquake

More than 2,200 people have died and at least 12,000 injured following a 7.2 magnitude earthquake that struck Haiti on Saturday, August 14. The earthquake destroyed thousands of buildings and hospitals are severely overwhelmed struggling to treat injured patients. If you are looking to support the recovery and relief efforts in Haiti, here is a list of partners who are responding to the most immediate needs.

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For the past ten years, the New Orleans Regional Planning Commission’s Emergency Preparedness Public-Private Partnership (EPP) has supported emergency management in Southeast Louisiana and South Mississippi. The EPP shares lessons learned and best practices highlighted by experts who present to the partnership to strengthen the region’s emergency preparedness and response.

India COVID Crisis: How Businesses Can Help, Part 2

The second wave of COVID-19 infections continues to overwhelm India’s healthcare system, with the country having reported nearly 7 million cases in April alone. As the fifth largest economy in the world with a population of nearly 1.4 billion people, the crisis has not only struck India with a devastating impact, it is also threatening the progress made in our global health and economic recovery.   

India COVID Crisis: How Businesses Can Help

Join the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation and the U.S.-India Business Council for a humanitarian assistance coordination call on Tuesday, April 27, to learn how the private sector can support relief efforts.