Disaster Response

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February 28, 2019
IBM sentiment analysis

For the third year, IBM and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation are collaborating to encourage companies in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts by quantifying the brand value of CSR social media communications.

Coordination Call on the Venezuela Humanitarian Crisis

The pressing need for aid continues to grow for Venezuelans as the situation heightened along the border over the weekend. With more than three million Venezuelans outflowing to neighboring countries, including Colombia, this migration has become the largest to affect the Western Hemisphere in modern history. This migration has become the largest to affect the Western Hemisphere in modern history. Access to health care, education, food and nutrition, and safety and security begins the growing list of humanitarian aid needed.

8th Annual Building Resilience Through Private-Public Partnerships Conference

All disasters are local. To support a community’s ability to react and recover quickly, we must improve the overall resilience of individuals, businesses, and communities. To that end, it is not only building their individual capacity towards resilience, but the intersections needed to protect the whole community. Now in its eighth year, the Building Resilience through Private- Public Partnerships (PPP) conference focuses on the collaboration required among private, public, and nonprofit sectors to help mitigate the effects of natural and human-made disasters.