Economic Empowerment

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Stronger Business, Stronger Communities: Private Sector Solutions to Address Inequality in the Twin Cities

How can we build a stronger, more vibrant future for the Twin Cities? What’s the role of business in creating a prosperous economy for all? More and more, communities are finding that collaboration is critical in developing solutions that create real progress. To solve complex issues like inequality and the opportunity gap, communities need to come together around solutions. We have seen the start of action through a number of organizations but it will take a collective effort to change the trajectory.

New Frontiers in Financial Capability

Initiatives to build financial capability are undergoing a paradigm shift. Programs that incorporate insights from behavioral economics can be much more effective than most traditional classroom-based financial education programs. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation Corporate Citizenship Center invites you to join a webinar exploring new approaches to enhancing financial capability and ensuring financial health.

Join us to learn new innovations, ask questions, and help identify next generation strategies. The webinar will explore: